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I'm so happy to have found this product. It gets all my foundation and mascara off and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Love this exfoliating balm!

This exfoliant is gentle, has a lovely unique scent and left my skin feeling super soft!

Best natural deoderant I have ever used.

After years of trying all the other marketed natural deoderants and being less than impressed, I found this miracle product. I could not be happier with the effectiveness, the amazing scent and it lasts all day long. This product deserves a 10 star rating!

Favourite deodorant

This is the only natural deodorant I’ve ever found that stands up to CrossFit & post-partum sweat! It smells amazing, does not leave white marks on my clothing and WORKS! I recently brought a bunch of this stuff with me to Ontario to share with my girlfriends. Love!


It smells great, is very gentle but gets the job done and the jar lasts for a long time. My new favorite exfoliator.

best i've tried!

the best facial oil I've tried!!!

makes my skin feel incredible!

I love the scent and it absorbs so nice into my skin and doesn't feel oily... I've been using both the oil and lotion because I couldn't decide which one to try and loving both equally.

Smooth and silky

This body lotion is indeed silky. It has a clean, crisp aroma that is not overpowering. I love the way my skin feels and smells. And, like many verv products, a little goes a long way.


This natural deodorant doesn’t disappoint. It has held up through all my sweaty workouts and busy work days. No other natural deodorant I’ve tried had been able to do this. I highly recommend it! You won’t be disappointed!

Making deoderant a part of self care

I've used Ali's deoderant for over a year (2?) now and it's the only one I use, but I do want to mention that I appreciate having the time and opportunity every morning to apply this by hand, all the while taking note of that sensitive part of our bodies and paying attention for swollen lymph nodes that exist in our armpits. I can't really imagine using a stick-style deoderant anymore, I think I would miss the connection ❤

A refreshing glow!

The facial balm is easily my fave exfoliating product I've ever tried. I've just tried this scent, after trying the other one first, and was pleasantly surprised! I love that the wintergreen is a true wintergreen smell that you get from the little red berries in the forest, and it really shines through when you're using product, moreso than when you just smell it in the jar. I love the way my face feels after using this, hydrated, clean, and refreshed!

So Dreamy!

Received my order- beautifully packaged- and felt like I was receiving a gift! Immediately tried everything and have fallen in love with Ali’s products. Everything smells amazing and feels fantastic on my skin. I’ve been using the products for over a week now and have already noticed a difference in my skin. I will definitely be ordering again! Thank you!!

What a treat to read this Meg! I'm thrilled to know you're already noticing the difference. Thank you so much for your support!

Amazing products

I actually haven't used these two yet but they smell sooo good. The bars I'm currently using smell delicious and they have more of a creamy, lotion like lather as opposed to some other brands I've tried that feel stickier or slimey. I love all of my Verv skin products, highly recommend !

Creamy lather is right! Nobody likes a slimy soap. Thanks for this detailed and thoughtful feedback!

So amazing

My adult daughter liked my product so much I gave her the little left in my jar and bought her one for her birthday - it’s so good


I love this lotion! It’s a necessity for my life. I use it for eczema on my eyebrows, arms and fingers (mild/moderate eczema). My skin heals beautifully and the crazy itchiness is kept at bay. Top notch ingredients in this soothing lotion!

What a treat to read this! Knowing this is helping your skin feel healthy and nourished just makes my day. Thanks Lynn!

So soothing

I love these cleansing grains! I have super sensitive skin but this product is very gentle and leaves my skin feeling clean but soft and happy. Game changer; my days of cleaning my skin with water only are behind me!

Updated Glowing Review

Alright so, I’ve already reviewed this product and I still stand by my review but I have to add to it now because my boyfriend literally buries his nose in my armpit after I apply this. Straight up, he can’t get enough. So now, not only am I thoroughly addicted to this product, I’ve also created an addict.

I love a good pit sniffer; no better compliment. I'm sorry for creating a scent addict in your life ;) So glad you BOTH like it!

Excellent antiperspirant and deodorant

I have been using this product for several months now. I love the light scent and it is completely effective. I use only once daily and cannot see using another product.

Fantastic! I looked high and low for an effective natural deodorant until I decided to make this one. So glad you're finding it to work well for you too!

So a-peel-ing!

I stopped at the Verv Skin table at the Mom Market in New Minas and picked up a jar. We talked about how coffee grinds can be too abrasive on skin (which is what I've been using) with the sharpness of the grind and explained that rice is more gentle on the skin. I use this beauty twice a week and it's now become my favourite exfoliator. I had embarrassing dry cheeks that I couldn't get rid of. After just ONE use of this balm not only did it take all the dead flaky skin away from my cheeks but it left my face soft and moisturized. It was so creamy to apply and the smell is SO GOOD. Finishing off with a hot face cloth draped over my face brought out the beautiful scent even more. <3

Thanks for this detailed review Lakeisha! So happy you're noticing the effects of a gentler exfoliant and enjoying the texture and scent as well! Thank you so much

Just what my face needed

I purchased this at the Mom market in New Minas. It's been a game changer for me. I use it every day, morning and evening. I've noticed a huge difference in my face and I love that I get to control how exfoliating it is by adding more or less water. My face isn't over producing oil anymore and it's so smooth. Thanks for a great product!

Lasts forever and luxuriously delightful!

I absolutely love this soap and the scent. Keep it out of the water in your dish and it lasts forever. Gentle on skin and wonderful scent.

Thank you Eleonora! It's a combination that I really love too!

Luxuriously luscious!

Love this soap. With all the hand washing these days, my hands still feel soft, not dried out at all. And the scent is gentle, not overpowering !

Love it

I was about to give up on transitioning to a natural deodorant when I tried Verv deodorant. The fir and cardamom is by far my favourite scent out of all of them. I can be really sensitive to scents and find this one very pleasant and subtle.

Instant Relief From Dry Hands

Lavender Citrus Healing Hand Lotion is my new " go to" for dry, active, aging hands. I love that the lotion absorbs quickly leaving a delicious faint scent of lavender and citrus. My hands feel soft and subtle, not greasy and sticky. In addition, it does not aggravate my eczema. This hand cream is amazing. Well done, Ali!

Lovely moisturizer - a real find!

I have 55 year old kinda dry, kinda sensitive rosacea prone skin. This light feeling lotion (creamy!) is really rich and obviously moisturizing. It feels great on and my skin look looks (and feels) wonderful - it almost glows. I totally agree with the brightening! It’s lovely. What a find!

Such a delight to read this, Rosalie! Thank you so much for your support and for sharing this wonderful feedback! You made my day :)