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Milky Jelly Cleanser + Makeup Remover

Restorative Face Lotion - Hibiscus Rose

Delicate yet effective !!

I received a sample of this and upon my first time using it I KNEW I’d buy it !! I love the scent, it’s pleasant but not overpowering. The balm is gentle on my skin but still very effective at exfoliating !! I use this once, sometimes twice a week, and just love it.


My husband has melanoma on his head, face, hands & arms and I bought a jar of lotion for him. It works so well on the spots, softens his dry skin and makes it look great, BIG DIFFERENCE!

Can’t live without this

Natural deodorant is the only way to go! This product smells amazing and feels the same going on.

Great product

Feels great and smells great too!!

I love this

In addition to what it is meant for, a great moisturizer, it also has great anti-inflammatory benefits. I had bags under my eyes and decided to try this based on the ingredients. The bags aren't gone (that's hereditary) but the puffiness is and my eyes feel so much better.

It smells great and absorbs quickly so you don't walk around with an oily face. Very happy with it.

Daily must have!

It's gentle yet exfoliating to my combination skin. Always pair it with the restorative facial oil and feels so nice at the end of the day.

love it!

it's light, hydrating and smells like summer!

Fantastic cream...and its local!

It took me many years to get into a daily face cream routine and once I was in, I couldn't imagine switching. After a few stops at Verv's booth, I decided to break my age old routine for the Calendula Oat face cream. It is so smooth and lightweight, I won't go back. New routine established!

Carrot Cloud Balm

I love the smells, texture and how little you need. I do find though it doesn't quite sink in like id like it too and stays oily on my face.

New favorite, Love!

Love this body oil, I put on soon as I get out of shower, soaks right in and doesnt remain oily on skin and smells so amazing !!

Pure Bliss in the Bath!

This product was a perfect selection for a hot bubble bath today after several rough hours of paddling! The scent was so calming, taking me right to the best of the cold of winter. My skin felt delightful as I got out of the bath-also so soft and hydrated. This will be a staple too, I now see! Enjoy it, no matter the time of year!

Verv for Travel

I am a daily user of the whipped body butter but this was the product to accompany me on an overseas trip. The best application is when warm from cleansing and drying the skin, it absorbs so well and is a great fresh scent. It’s a perfect travel companion! My skin was happy not to be without Verv when abroad!

Delightfully Nourishing

This whipped body butter makes your skin say thank you! It goes on silky smooth and just when you think, oh no- it’s going to be too heavy, it settles down into the skin with perfect balance! This scent is my go to for all things relaxation and healing. Eczema is clear and my skin is grateful. A must have for those with sensitive skin and those that just like to feel lush!

Winter Survival and Summer Staple

It’s been just shy of a year that I have been using these whipped body butters. The unscented still has a faint scent of chocolate which allows me to respect those with sent sensitivities AND still know I smell and feel amazing. My eczema cleared with this cream and prior, only prescription cream would work. 1 staple of many of my favourites! Thank you for making this. No heavy film on the skin and sinks in so well once used- a little goes a looooong way!

Adore this facial balm!

I thought I would try this out, and am I ever glad I did! It smells great, exfoliates and washes off easily, I will be buying this again!

Love the face oil!

This is my favourite face oil. Feels good, smells good and it gives my skin a nice glow. Fully recommend!

Dewy and hydrating

I’ve been wanting to try this moisturizer. I’ve tried the handmade bar soap and love it so I thought let’s keep trying homemade products! I love how this product gives my skin a nice dewy glow. My skin feels very soft. I love the packaging so no product goes wasted. Love it!

Love all the products!

I first bought Verv products when I was visiting Halifax and luckily found them at a farmers market! I absolutely love the restorative oil. I use a small amount so it has lasted! My skin has been so great since I started using the restorative oil and face cream.I just ordered more online and the ordering and shipping process was smooth! They even sent me a free hand cream to try because an item was out of stock. Will definitely keep using these products. Excited to try the new ones I ordered!

Seda Silky Body

It's wonderfully smooth and leaves my skin feeling nourished and soft.


I love it! It is so fluffy but melts with the heat of your finger so it's super easy to apply. You do not need much to cover your face so it last for a long time.
Once applied, you can feel it's there but it is really light and does not feel oily to the touch.

So dreamy

This is a must-have for anyone’s skin care regimen. It’s taken away red irritation spots that I’ve had for ten years and nothing the doctor prescribed would work. Love this product.


Best thing since sliced bread. And I LOVE bread.

Milky jelly

This product is beautiful…it takes off my sunscreen and makeup and changed to a beautiful texture. Will definitely be purchasing this again!!!!!