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Locally Crafted Artisan Skincare

we capture nature's vibrancy in our gentle formulas and colourful palettes for a playful skincare experience

Artisanal Soap

Artisanal Soap

Luscious lather, intoxicating aroma, gorgeous artistry, pure and simple ingredients. Our palm oil-free soaps... 

  • Soothing Soaks

    Let our essential oil-infused salt soaks calm your skin and ease your mind. With soothing epsom salt, white clay, hydrating coconut milk and oats to detoxify and soothe dry and itchy skin.

    The tub's running 
  • Gentle Makeup Remover

    A revolutionary way to cleanse the face and remove makeup. Our Milky Jelly turns from an oil-based gel into a creamy lotion easily sweeping away makeup and debris. Tear-free and unscented.

    Melt the day away 
  • Rice Powder Exfoliation

    A creamy oil-based scrub tbat transforms into a milky lather when you add a few drops of water. Reveal your radiance with this invigorating yet gentle face scrub made with rice powder.

    It's glow time