Try our Natural Deodorant for FREE!

"Natural deodorant that actually works!" Heard that before? Been disappointed? We get it!

Ali (owner+formulator) began using natural deodorant in the early 2000s with limited success; some made her sweat more, others had to be applied multiple times a day, stains on clothing, rashes and itching, the list goes on! After gaining a diploma in organic skincare formulation she set out to formulate the perfect deodorant that solved all of these issues.

Have you also tried natural deodorants with limited success? Do you want the comfort of knowing you're applying safe and gentle ingredients to your underarms but are not willing to compromise on performance? We feel the same way.

We TOTALLY get your hesitation in trying yet another natural deodorant so that's why we're offering you a FREE 35g mini natural deodorant cream ($19.95 value) of your choice for all orders $85+. This is roughly a three month supply with once-daily application! Find your scent here with one of our five original essential oil blends!

How can you take advantage of this amazing deal?

  1. Make sure you have a cart subtotal of $85
  2. Choose a mini natural deodorant cream and add it to your cart (make sure you select the option titled Mini (35 g) **NEW** from the size options
  3. At checkout, enter the code FREEDEO85 into the discount box
  4. You should see the deodorant cost go to $0 

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or issues with this process by clicking the "Chat With Us" button on the button right side of your screen.